About Dr Mark Porter

Dr. Mark Porter MBE

Mark wanted to be a doctor from a very early age despite a brief flirtation with veterinary medicine (thanks to James Herriot’s books). He studied at University College and Westminster Hospital Medical Schools, graduating in 1986.

Finding the right speciality proved difficult. Mark has worked in hospital as a junior doctor in General Medicine, General Surgery, Anaesthetics, Paediatrics, Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, Psychiatry and Obstetrics & Gynaecology. In the early nineties he decided to try General Practice and has never looked back.

Over the years he had all sorts of interesting roles, ranging from team doctor on the World Rally Championship to part-time member of the editorial team at GP magazine. He was at his desk at GP in 1993 when a producer rang asking if he knew of any doctors who might be interested in working on a new daytime TV show. Never shy in coming forward, Mark said he knew just the chap. And so his media career blossomed.

Mark (61) now spends half his week at his rural NHS practice in the Cotswolds, and the rest of the week writing and talking about it. He lives on an old farm with his wife Ros and dog Sid, and is trying to come to terms with being a Grandad. Mark loves good company, friendly pubs, long country walks, keeping fit and trying to fix classic cars. Sadly he is not very good at the latter.